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Another post with a long title but this time it has a description so it will clamp at 2 lines

All right, kid. But you’d better be right about this. All right. What’s your plan? Uh…Threepio, hand me those binders there will you? Okay. Now, I’m going to put these on you. Okay. Han, you put these on. Don’t worry, Chewie. I think I know what he has in mind. Master Luke, sir! Pardon me for asking…but, ah…what should Artoo and I do if we’re discovered here? Lock the door! And hope they don’t have blasters. That isn’t very reassuring. Look at the size of that thing! Cut the chatter, Red Two. Accelerate to attack speed. This is it, boys! Red Leader, this is Gold Leader. I copy, Gold Leader. We’re starting for the target shaft now. We’re in position. I’m going to cut across the axis and try and draw their fire. Heavy fire, boss! Twenty-degrees. I see it. Stay low. This is Red Five, I’m going in! Luke, pull up! Are you all right? I got a little cooked, but I’m okay. It looks like Sandpeople did this, all right. Look, here are Gaffi sticks, Bantha tracks. It’s just…I never heard of them hitting anything this big before. They didn’t. But we are meant to think they did. These tracks are side by side. Sandpeople always ride single file to hide there numbers. These are the same Jawas that sold us Artoo and Threepio. And these blast points, too accurate for Sandpeople. Only Imperial stormtroopers are so precise. Why would Imperial troops want to slaughter Jawas? If they traced the robots here, they may have learned who they sold them to. And that would lead them home! Wait, Luke! It’s too dangerous. Uncle Owen! Aunt Beru! Uncle Owen! Did you find any droids? No, sir. If there were any on board, they must also have jettisoned. Send a scanning crew on board. I want every part of this ship checked. Yes, sir. I sense something…a presence I haven’t felt since… Get me a scanning crew in here on the double. I want every part of this ship checked! Boy, it’s lucky you had these compartments. I use them for smuggling. I never thought I’d be smuggling myself in them. This is ridiculous. Even if I could take off, I’d never get past the tractor beam. He is here… Obi-Wan Kenobi! What makes you think so? A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the presence of my old master. Surely he must be dead by now. Don’t underestimate the power of the Force. The Jedi are extinct, their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that’s left of their religion. Yes. Governor Tarkin, we have an emergency alert in detention block A A-twenty-three. The princess! Put all sections on alert!

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