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Terms & Conditions

Last Modified March 7, 2024

Once upon a time, in the digital realm, where dreams come alive, and ideas overwhelm, there lived a company, oh so grand, creating designs that were in high demand.

But before you journey into our land of delight, let’s talk about rules, to keep everything right. In a whimsical voice we will convey, our terms and conditions, for you to obey.

  • Welcome, Welcome, One and All! Come visit our site, have a ball! But remember, dear friend, as you roam, respect our space, make yourself at home.
  • Designs Galore, Oh What a Sight! But copying them, just isn’t right! Our creations are unique, like a rare gem, so cherish them dearly, don’t be a phlegm.
  • Copyright, Copyright, Protecting Our Art! It’s the beat of our drum, the song in our heart. Respect intellectual property, it’s clear, let’s keep our digital world full of cheer.
  • Questions, Concerns, We’re Here for You! If ever you’re puzzled, not sure what to do, reach out to us, we’re here night and day, to guide you along, in every way.

So there you have it, our terms in rhyme, as you journey through our digital time. With respect and joy, let’s create anew, in this magical world, where dreams come true!

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